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Educational Development projects

Based on the concept that education is the foundation of Sustainable Development in communities, CEMEDE aims to work closely with various educational organizations in order to create accessible education customized to the needs of diverse groups, specifically those who are excluded or marginalized from the mainstream educational systems. Education is the foundation of a promising future, and everyone in society has a right to benefit from it.




In Lebanon CEMEDE has supported CLES (Lebanese Center for Special Education) with the objective of helping children with learning difficulties. This includes training of elementary teachers and awareness conferences addressed to the general public on learning difficulties. Also extending support to the three centers for the early detection and treatment of studentís learning disabilities; in Beirut, Tripoli and Saida with a new center opening up (October 2012) in Zahle, Bekaa.

CEMEDE was also active in assisting CLES with the development, printing, and distribution of publications that raise awareness and help in the early detection of Learning Difficulties, thus offering scientific support and precious assistance to parents and teachers of children suffering from these difficulties, and providing those children with better chances at becoming successful members in their communities.


Link to CLES website: www.clesonline.org 


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